02112015 Suomi 100 - Groteski and Antiikva

Suomi 100 - Groteski and Antiikva

Suomi 100-Groteski (3 weights and 3 ItalIcs)
Suomi 100-Antiikva (1 weight and 1 italic)

Suomi 100-Groteski and Suomi 100-Antiikva are designed for Finland becoming 100 years old since an independent state on the 6 December 1917. Fluid modern shapes of chairs(bent plywood) designed by Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto, influence on Suomi 100-Groteski’s modern and contemporary, yet its robust style. Suomi 100-Antiikva shares a bold spirit of Abckiria (the first book that was published in the Finnish Language) to create an interesting match-up with the Suomi 100-Groteski.

In collaboration with Niklas Ekholm
Commissioned by Kokoro & Moi