22102016 J-L TF Manifesto

J-L TF Manifesto

  1. J-L TF typefaces tell stories.
  2. J-L TF typefaces are like people, with their own history, ideas and feelings.
  3. As such, J-L TF typefaces interact with other typefaces, creating a dialogue which clarifies the intentions behind each typeface.
  4. J-L TF typefaces have other interests besides words.
  5. J-L TF typefaces are autonomous and J-L TF freely acknowledges the role of others in recreating the meaning behind each typeface.
  6. J-L TF typefaces have had many lives and will have many more.
  7. J-L TF typefaces are emotional. They use as their guide the whole range of human affects.
  8. J-L TF typefaces care for their text, amplifying the sentiments expressed by the content.
  9. J-L TF typefaces leave gaps for the audience to interpret a text in its own terms.
  10. J-L TF typefaces remain within the boundaries, having fun and being playful inside them.
    Charlie Clemoes,
    Jungmyung Lee